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These pictures serve as examples of the delivered product.  Some changes maybe necessary in connector parts.  Function should not be affected.

A thru-hole based Dual Pokey board that incorporates a U-Switch type function and a Single or Dual PS/2 Keyboard based on the TransKey-II (TK-II) hardware/firmware.  This is fully compatible with the U1MB BIOS Stereo detection and enable/disable via the U1MB /MO port.

I am partnering with another AtariAge member Mytekcontrols to provide an assembled version of his DIY creation.   My role is simply one of assembly and sales.   Operation, software, firmware, installation and most troubleshooting questions of necessity will be referred to him.  If it is a part/board failure issue then I will intervene with replacement parts or repair.

This completely assembled bundle consists of two boards.  The main board and interface board are joined via a flat ribbon cable.  Some soldering to various points on your Atari motherboard is necessary.  Current firmware will be programed prior to shipping.   Extensive info on installation and other bits of info are discussed in this AtariAge forum thread

There will be options for either an XEGS or XL/XE version, single or dual PS/2 interface boards and shorter or longer interface cabling.  So please be mindful of what is selected.  Check what is listed in your cart before going to Paypal to pay for the cart contents.  (does not include 2 Pokey chips needed)

One fully assembled bundle will cost $45.00 each.  Depending on the options you choose you may see upto $5 more charged per bundle.

ABBUC members will recieve a 10% discount to be refunded once membership is confirmed and bundle is shipped. Please note membership in notes section of checkout screen.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
TK-II Main Board

XEGS Version, XL/XE Version

TK-II Interface

Dual PS/2 Interface, Single PS/2 Interface

TK-II Cable Length

20cm Cable Length, 30cm Cable Length


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