x86 Windows Aida64 SensorPanels


I recently upgraded my main working computer by replacing most of the original components including the case. While doing so I came across a dandy way to show off the specs and current stats using the program Aida 64 and a LCD panel that I installed into the new case. I then went on a journey of exploration into designing sensorpanel displays that would not only fit the LCD panel but also showcase some of my interests. These designs fit a 515x1920 LCD Display, but you can modify them to fit your own size LCD display within reason. You must have the licensed version of at least Aida 64 Extreme installed on your computer and be running at least Windows 10 or later. You must also have an open USB or HDMI port on your computer to feed your LCD panel. It will lessen your confusion level if you also have some computer graphic design experience. Join Aida64's forums for more examples and help.