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Now for a limited time only the normally green colored pcb is offered in stealth black.   

SpartaDOS X is a disk operating system for the Atari 8-bit family of computers.  But when Atari dropped all support for it’s 8bit line in 1992, ICD, the supplier of the cartridge, also dropped support soon after.  The inventory and rights were sold to Fine Tooned Engineering in 1993, but several years later the company disappeared along with its inventory and rights.

Considered abandonware, enthusiasts took over the development of the software under the SpartaDOS X Upgrade Project.  The software was completely rewritten from the ground up and many improvements were made and problems with earlier versions corrected. SpartaDOS X is a non-multitasking operating system intentionally modeled after MS-DOS in look and feel.  It consists of the kernel, the system library, several types of drivers, the shell(called COMMAND.COM) and a number of utility programs.  SpartaDOS X is written in 6502 machine language and fits into a 128k file orientated ROM cartridge. The current version stands at 4.49.

SpartaDOS X v4.0 came on a 64k rom cartridge with an external cartridge slot on top to allow another cartridge to be used in conjunction.  A R-Time 8 battery-backed clock cartridge was also developed and could be inserted into the external cartridge port on top.  You could then stack a third cart on top of that.  But on an Atari 800Xl that meant a possible three cartridge high stack.  Certainly possible but highly unstable.  As the software was expanded in capability it out grew the original rom space.  You could make hardware mods to the original cartridge that allowed the newer versions but it was beyond the scope of most Atarians without hardware skills.

At long last you can have your SpartaDOS Original Case contain both the enhanced v4.49 version and a RTC with battery backup in the same case.  The Super SpartaDOS X PCB comes with builtin v4.49 and a RTC with battery backup.  The cart uses the Ultimate 1Mb RTC circuitry and driver.  No other drivers are loaded at this time. You can add additional hardware drivers by modifying the CAR: contents of the existing rom image.  A windows utility program at the SpartaDOS  X Upgrade Project website called SDX Imager 3.X allows you to edit/customize the CAR: contents.   The resulting customized image can then be flashed to the SuperSparta DOS PCB flash memory chip either by a compatible eprom burner or with more effort via Ultimate1MB and UFlash flashers using the Atari computer.

This pcb’s  GALS and ROM are socketed for future upgrades and easier repairs.  The above pics are representative.  Final versions may differ slightly.

For each pcb sold a $1.00 donation will be made to the SpartaDOS Upgrade Project to help continue the great work they have done to keep this software alive.

*This purchase contains the printed circuit board only.  You will need the original SpartaDOS cartridge shell to house the pcb or purchase the replacement cartridge shell from Corei64

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