SF551 3.5″ 720KB Floppy Drive Bare PCB


SF551 BOM and Instruction



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XF551 circuitry on a SF314/SF354 case compatible pcb.
Supports PC industry standard 3.5″ 720KB floppy drives (Some drives may need additional modification)
Supports all SF314 drives and most SF354 drives (those with single industry standard floppy drive data cable connection)
Uses original SF314/SF354 case
Uses original SF314/SF354 Dual Voltage Power Supply Brick with female DIN5 connector
Uses custom made SIO cables to connect to Atari 8bit computers
Additional features include support for XF551 Control Board Bundle for front panel control of 2in1 OS, drive id selection, reset, and track display. (Major front case mod needed for these features)
One minor case mod necessary for manual drive id selection without taking off lid to make a change.

You will need the original SF314/SF354 pcb as some parts will need to be salvaged. You will also need some chips normally found in an XF551 pcb, although they can usually be purchased on Ebay.  I am not using most other XF551 original non-chip parts though.  Please refer to the BOM for specific part information.  Board has all through hole parts soldering.  No SMD.  Some de-soldering of original SF314/354 parts are necessary.  Possible some XF551 chip de-soldering will be necessary as well.

I will be providing a bare board only, with BOM and instructions on how to assemble the board and the custom SIO cables. I believe tf_hh will also be willing to offer the same for European orders.

Cost will be $15.00 per board plus flat rate shipping of $8.00 in the US.  Contact tf_hh for European orders.


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