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Internal Boards

Several small Atari XL/XE internal PCBs that add memory, allow multiple OS choices, add internal parallel printer adapter and protect the original v1 Candle Ultimat1MB from damage.

  • SuperMMU
  • 4in1 OS
  • Rambo256
  • Ramrod XL/XE
  • Supra Printer Adapter

Cartridge Boards

Several 8bit cartridge boards that extend or re-orientate connector angle, and allow 128K Super XE compatible games.

  • Cartridge Extenders
  • XE Super Cart
  • XL/XE Cartridge Guide Extension
PBI/ECI Adapter Boards

Several pcbs that breakout the PBI/ECI connector signals, extend/re-orientate the connector, adapt one style to another and add hard drive like storage.

  • Breakout Boards
  • RA Extender Boards
  • Adapter Boards
XF551 related boards

Two advanced XF551 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive PCBs are now available to replace the poor quality and flaky original mainboards in the last Atari made floppy disk drive.

  • Original XF551 PCB
  • New XF551 PCB
  • Accessory XF551 PCBs
  • Alternate XF551 OSC Circuit
SF551/iF551 related boards

One reimaged XF551 based pcb for the Atari SF314 Disk Drive Case

  • XF551 in a SF314 case(SF551)
  • SF551 Control Board
  • Comming soon
Misc Boards

Comming soon.........

  • An item
  • A second item
  • A third item