Reimaged Rambo XL 256k Memory Upgrade

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ICD provided several quality products to the Atari community over the years.  This particular board is a version of Claus Buchholz’s 130XE compatible upgrade for the Atari 800XL.  ICD’s contribution is that it is compatible with both the Atari 800XL and 1200XL computers.  It contains circuitry to add upto 192k-bytes of additional memory to a stock Atari 800XL or 1200XL.  DOES NOT INCLUDE THE NECESSARY 8 256K RAM CHIPS.  BOARD AND CABLE ONLY

My clone of the board is as faithful as I can make it.  That means it is subject to the same limitations as the original.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2.25 × 1.5 × 1 in

Fits 800XL/1200XL only


Board populated except for 74LS158 used from motherboard wiring cable

Additional parts

Not supplied (8) 41256 256k-bit dynamic Ram (200ns or faster) chips

Install Difficulty

Need to solder five wires to PIA chip and upto four additional wires to other sites on motherboard and chips


Rambo XL Manual

PIA Connection Wiring:
2 —– 12
3 —– 13
4 —– 14
5 —– 15
6 —– 16

1 review for Reimaged Rambo XL 256k Memory Upgrade

  1. illya wilson (verified owner)

    I had some trouble with this Upgrade hence the 4 stars, not because it was difficult to solder to, not because it was difficult to place inside the 800xl, but because the manual is outdated with it’s instructions, and they are not clear enough for this “reimaged” version. And there’s a good chance it will need some jumpers as mine did(either I didn’t find them in the box, or they were not included) There is some help with it in the Atariage forums.

    2 —– 12
    3 —– 13
    4 —– 14
    5 —– 15
    6 —– 16

    All-in-all after some frustration and trial & error I did eventually get it working and I’m happy. Thank you.

    • Dropcheck

      This board was meant to duplicate the original production, hence you will get nearly exactly the same product that a customer would have gotten back in the day with all the limitations the original had. Primarily you are getting a better quality pcb than the original. I did not rewrite the manual, and I am providing it in electronic form. has several threads dealing with the installation of the Rambo XL into both the 800 and 1200XL. A ten connector ribbon cable is included, five for the PIA connection and the rest for jumper wires that maybe needed depending on the Atari computer and chipset you are installing it in. Unfortunately many Atari upgrades of the day did not come with modern detailed installation or usage instructions. I can include the above connection diagram in the ‘Additional’ tab.

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