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German Eprom Burner3s

Back in 1989-1991 Ralf David developed a cartridge/pcb combo eprom burner.  Per the manual it was in response to the more expensive eprom burners offered at the time.  I believe specifically the Super E/Gang E Burner offered by CSS.   That burner was more expensive and very hard to find in Germany and required a separate power supply.

David’s burner was able to burn 2764-27512 eproms (CMOS versions too).   Unlike the CSS version,  it does not require a separate power supply.  It did not have a enclosure either, which also kept the price down.   Klaus Peters offered it for sale in Germany for awhile and a few found their way to the US before manufacturing stopped.   In the intervening years ABBUC acquired the rights to the product.   A photo of the original kit is displayed above.

While researching for the CSS Super E/Gang E programmer I came across this device and became intrigued by it.  After several months of research and redesign and critical assistance from GoodbyteXL and ABBUC I am proud to offer this unique device.  I wanted to keep the redesign as close to the original as possible, while at the same time improving the reliability and usage.  To that end I have created an adapter that will allow 2732 eproms to be burned and modernized some of the components.  While the original software will work with this board,  I have also partnered with 1050 to streamline and update the software to support the additional eprom capability.

This completely assembled kit consists of three boards.  The main board and cartridge adapter plug are joined via a flat ribbon cable, while a third board provides the ZIF adapter needed to burn 2732A eproms.  It plugs into the main board’s ZIF socket like a normal eprom chip would.  Then the 2732A eprom sits in the adapter’s ZIF socket.

Available via the download link under the documents tab will be two files when the finished boards are mailed.  One contains the original software disk in .atr format and German manual in .pdf format, modernized software disk in .atr format and a modernized English translation of the German manual in .pdf format.  The second file contains the 3D printable enclosure for those who want and can print their own case.

Will come with bumpers applied to the bottom four corners of the main board.  This is version 2 of the board, now able to burn with either 6520 or MC68B21  2MHz PIAs.  PIAs are not included.  You will need to supply (2) 6520AP or MC68B21 PIAs for the burner to operate.   Most Atari stamped PIAs will work, but I cannot verify every version they released in their models.

Due to the modification to burn 2732A eproms, do not have the onboard ZIF socket populated prior to booting the computer.  There is a very short surge of power to the ZIF socket which could damage any eproms inserted.  Populate the socket only after all settings have been confirmed in the software and hardwired switches. 

A donation of $1 will be sent to ABBUC for each kit sold.

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The burner of course requires the correct eprom chip to be useful. Otherwise you should be able to use the eprom burner with all Atari 8 bit computers with at least 48K of memory except the Atari 400/800 and 1200XL. Compatibility has not been verified for these computers.


This bundle includes the burner main board with flat ribbon cable, bare cartridge plug and the 2732 adapter board. Also included are four rubberized feet not attached. Eprom chips are not included.

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Install Difficulty

Simple install, follow manual.


Preliminary Eprom Burner Case STL File



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