ATX12V 1088XEL Power Board Adapter


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Now with the imminent release of Mytekcontrols 1088XEL project this adapter board allows the usage of a normal ATX12V 24 pin power supply by interfacing with the 1088XEL AUX power connector. No soldering needed.

This adapter is not required.  In fact the XEL compatible boards work perfectly happily with a direct connection to the 1088XEL SIO Aux connector.  However 5 1/4″  and to a certain extent 3 1/2″ physical drives do need the extra current and 12V that is not available directly from the 1088XEL motherboard.   This adapter makes it easier to use standard ATX12V 20 and 24 pin power supplies to power the 1088XEL and the physical drives with one power supply.  Ideally you would put the PS and board in a Micro-ATX  or appropriate mini-ITX case 


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