Atari 8bit Cartridge Slot Breakout PCB


PCB has labeled connectors for all 30 signals from cartridge slot and a passthru edge card connection to allow testing of proto cartridges. 50 mm W X 95 mm H X 1.6 mm D

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When I was developing the Super SpartaDOS Cartridge I ran into having to troubleshoot the connections and signals. One of the things I had to check was whether or not I was actually getting the correct signal on the cartridge edge connector. ie did I have the cartridge slot pinout correct and the pcb facing the correct direction etc.

First I checked to see if someone else had created something I could use.  Hate to reinvent the wheel.  I found that electrotrains had done something very similar to what I wanted to do.  His board is offered on OSH Park .  While it looks nice, I wasn’t willing to pay their asking price.  And it seemed unfinished and small.  I like finished and bigger.  🙂

In true tinker fashion I expanded on electrotrain’s original breakout pcb idea, adding additional height to clear the 600/800XL cartridge flaps. (Sorry 1200XL users it’s still too short for effective use on your machines, but if there is a demand I’ll definitely try to fulfill it.) I also decided to add a passthru pins and edge card connector on top to allow you to insert a cartridge undertest.

The pcb currently measures 50 mm W X 95 mm H X 1.6 mm D

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Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 1 in


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