130XE RA Extenders/Switchers


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Have a SpartaDOS X cartridge and trying to stack another cartridge or two on top of it?  Running out of desk space in the back of your 130XE?  Normally use only one or two cartridges and hate to unplug and plug in them again and again.  Just want to see the cartridge or get to the memory card port easier.  Want to have access to 800XL PBI devices that are otherwise compatible with the 130XE but don’t have the Cart/ECI 2 PBI adapter?  One of these cartridge adapters should work for you.  All adapters will have gold immersion finish to ad in long life insertions.

At this time I am offering the Single RA Cart, Single RA Cart/ECI and Single RA Cart2PBI adapters as a pre-order.  This means that a minimum of 10 of each will need to be ordered and paid for.  Now you can order one of each and if ten more people do the same then I can actually complete the offer.  You can also order 10 of one kind to meet the requirement.  It is possible that one kind or more may not sell 10, in which case I will refund your purchase.

Once the initial pre-order is made then I can keep a few in inventory for occasional orders.

When the minimum # is ordered then it will take up to three weeks for the parts and boards to arrive from China and I’ll begin assembly.   I should be able to ship within the following week.

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130XERACart Extenders

Dual RA Cart Switcher, Single RA Cart Extender, Single RA Cart/ECI Extender, Single RA CartECI2PBI Adapter


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