Terms and conditions

My terms and conditions are fairly simple.

The Atari 8bit computer line is over 30 years old at this date. Enthusiasts have tinkered and moded them with utter abandon. 🙂 Even virgin computers have suffered the ravages of time and environment. That means I cannot guarantee any of my products will work with your particular version of Atari. It’s just not possible. I test with virgin Atari 1200XL/800XL/130XE computers and Atari DOS 2.5. However if my products are not working on several 8bit computers then you have a complaint that I will try to fix.

Of course if I screw up a perfectly good concept with manufacturing or connector errors, then I’m on the hook for replacement or repair.  Like most manufactures I do require you to return the defective product within 60 days of notice of error.  Otherwise you bought it, you own it, you live with it.

It’s true I am re-imaging some products that other people have created years ago. I have tried to contact owners for permission if that company or individual is known. In most cases there does not seem to be any contact point. At that point I consider the product abandoned and free game. Regardless, I give accreditation. We stand on the shoulders of those who went before and to deny that is sacrilege.

I do not do this for profit. I am lucky to cover the costs of research and prototyping. I do it to keep alive the spirit and physical creations of the men and women who created the Atari 8bit computers over 30 years ago for a new generation of wide-eyed innocents. Who knows they maybe the ones who finally cure the common cold. I mean really cure it.

I publish downloadable documentation on the product pages, so first go there for help. If it is a physical problem with one of my products, I should be able to help you fix it. If it is a compatibility issue then your best bet is to go to AtariAge.com and post in the 8bit forum. I do not know all the ins and outs of the product software and limitations.

On my re-imaged products my versions most likely have the same limitations as the original. That means if product X never worked with product Y or was created years after product Y was placed on the market then it may not be compatible. Can’t change that. It’s a re-imaged product after all. Occasionally I will add a feature or upgrade a part that improves the function of the product. ie you can switch between two OS on the re-imaged XF551 disk drive board. The overall function remains the same. ie regardless of which OS you select it should function the same as if the switch option was not there.

On my original products it gets a little more complicated. I don’t want to be paranoid and I don’t want to be ripped off. So where’s the happy medium? While I am actively supporting the product, I will not release schematics or code I have developed. If there is a simple fix I will email information or send parts. If the fix is more involved I require you to send me the product and I will fix it or replace it. I will then send you back the item.

I also have chosen to release both source and .stl 3d printer files on various Atari related plastic designs. This allows you to modify those .stl files for custom fits. I only require that you credit me with the original design.