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New 3D Printer Da Vinci 1.0 Pro pt 2


Over the next couple of days I begin dialing in the printer to a working state. First I have to learn how to level the bed, each printer is a little different. Then I experiment with various materials to find the right combination that will keep the print object stuck to the bed until the printing session ends and I want it to come loose. Kapton tape is a bitch to apply, but in my case seems to work better than the glass bed I tried. Add a little Scotch Glue stick application and it seems I’m ready.

I start my prints small. I have designed a couple of tools that I hope will help me put together my products for sale. First is a simple 1.5mm high 45mm long plastic piece that should help me crimp leads on the edge card connector for the SDX cartridge project. I adjust the height upwards and make several prints. The prints are coming out just fine.

I notice a ticking sound on the first layer or so and then it stops. Back to Google to see if anyone else is having the same sound. Yes, they are too.  No immediate concern and no definite reason.  A mystery still to be solved.  I will track the discussion.

Then I try a bigger print. I am using a ribbon cable connector that can be soldered into a pcb on another project. But I am having problems getting the ribbon cable clamped into the harness without damaging the solder pins on the connector. So taking a page from the yellow plastic mold on my ribbon cable clamper, I design another mold to allow the pins to seat into a recessed rectangular hole while the body of the connector is held in the clamp and the ribbon cable is able to be firmly pressed against the forking pins. Anyway…. almost another flawless print.  And it works.

DSC_2092  DSC_2096  DSC_2097  DSC_2094

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