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A Major Change in store

After many years of serving the Atari 8bit world and contributing to several major hardware developments such as the 1088XEL and 1088XLD projects as well as developing my own hardware projects, I have decided to take a back step in the hardware sales. I will continue to develop some remaining projects, but my eyesight is not what it used to be and the strain on resources to continue to produce low yield hardware is more than I can handle any more. Supply chain woes have only ex calibrated existing problems. Family issues over the last six months have also sapped me. But I have enjoyed the ride and wouldn’t have had it any other way. 🙂

Thank you.

Going forward into the new year I plan to revamp the website to be more an information site along the lines of Mytek’s site. I will be releasing all hardware projects, (except those currently under contract) to public domain, with the only requirement that acknowledgement of mine and contributions from others with me be given. Until then I will sell out all inventory that I can, but will not take any back-orders. Sometimes I will find a hidden board that escaped the last search, but don’t count on it. I may not have parts to complete the board and won’t be purchasing any more. I will offer these orphaned boards as they are discovered.

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Shop is still open for orders, but……

I am sorry to tell you that I have a family emergency that has blown up. My step father is in the hospital, (not with COVID19) in Arizona. My brother and I are leaving in the morning. They will not release him to his own devices. Apparently his mental capacity has degraded to the point that he needs 24/7 monitoring. Any orders placed will be delayed for however long it takes me to get back. I hoping not more than a week or two.

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International shipments halted for now

I’ve had several international shipments ‘lost’ within the continental US boarders in the last two months, with the US Postal Service refusing to take any responsibility for in conus delivery of First Class International Parcel packages to the post offices own Chicago Il International Distribution Center. I could understand once it leaves the US customs bound for whatever country it’s going to, but I refuse to accept that the Postal Service is not responsible for mail delivery inside this country. I mean that’s their job, that’s their very reason for existence. My customers are paying a pretty penny for shipping to their country and the US Post Office can’t even get the package to the place where it’s handed over to Customs. This results in having to refund purchase prices with one of us eating the shipping costs.

In a couple of other cases shipping has been so slow with no tracking of the package that when the customer complained about it (rightfully so) I have initiated a refund, only to finally see weeks later the package suddenly reappear in tracking outbound from Customs to whatever country it was addressed to.

I know COVID19 is a big reason, but it’s only one part of the problem. My position is that if you sell First Class International Mail service with restrictions and I abide by those restrictions, then by God do your job and deliver the mail to the hand off point at Customs. Or don’t call it First Class because it’s not first class service and for pete’s sake don’t charge me like it is.

It’s only been a few weeks, but it looks like things may have stabilized a little. I’ll allow international orders again as a trial. Hopefully I won’t regret it. Be aware that shipping is still slow, but I have more hope that at least the packages are moving.