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3D Print/Scan

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o the scanner hasn’t arrived yet. Should be in tomorrow. I did go ahead and pull the trigger on the FlashForge 3d Creator Pro printer. Trusty Amazon delivered on time and I’ve spent the last two days getting to know the quirks and idiocycies of the printer. I hope to have a youtube video published soon.

I understand the earth moved big time in California again this morning. I hope no one has been killed. For once the ground was somewhat firm here. We don’t get the earthquakes here like they do in California, but I don’t remember any quakes in my childhood. It seems like in the last three to five years Oklahoma has been getting very shaky. I for one would prefer the tornadoes. At least with them you generally have some warning and can get out of their way or go underground. ūüėČ

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3d Scanning and Printing

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell today I joined the ranks of the new emerging community of 3ders. I picked up a NextEngine 3d scanner hd and multidrive set for about half what it goes for new. My plan is to scan the hell out of everything Atari, then move on to anything else that strikes my fancy. I might even rent out time on the unit for others. So if you are interested, drop me a line.

In the next few days I also plan to purchase a 3d printer. Right now I am focused on the FlashForge 3d Creator Pro. It seems to have the right combination of features and flexibility that I am looking for. Hopefully with scans from the NextEngine I can create in ABS plastic some of the carts and parts that the Atari community is pinning for. It won’t be mass production on the scale of thousands, but it might be affordable on the scale of tens and a hundred or so.

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Reimaged XF551 Control Board is Done!!!



Well the mainboard is finally done.  No more changes. troubleshooting etc.  Not the same to be said about the mod board and the enhancements.  I was hoping to be able to offer both the board and the mods at the same time, but now my tester/creator of those mods is otherwise occupied with life.   So we move on.  I have decided to offer the boards anyway.  Once the mods have been tested and finalized, I can offer them as a plug in upgrade.

Due to the severe shortage of SIO connectors I will be limiting the number to 1 per order.  That at least will give everyone a fair chance I hope to purchase.

I am looking into possibly an alternative to the SIO connectors (board redesign?) or having them 3d printed.  I am thinking that the state of 3d printing might have progressed to the point that the metal pins can be incorporated during the printing process.  It seems possible.  3D printing is appealing, but still just a little out of my price range for the quality I want.

I started this project a little over 2 years ago.   Working part time through two different pcb board design software suites, my own inexperience and a desert of information on the XF551 I have come out on the other side a changed person.  Along the way I have been helped and tutored by several  people that if not for them, I would not have succeeded.  I want to publicly thank Guus Assmann(guus.assmann), Igor Gramblicka, and Jonathan Halliday(flashjazzcat).

Give me a couple days to get the boards photoed and the site setup to sell them.¬† In the meantime¬† here’s something to wet the whistle.