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Nearly final XF551 update




No I didn’t die, or run off to South America or turn into a monk or anything like that.  I was busy, busy working to finish this darn project.  🙂

I now have functioning versions of the modern power supply and the original power supply XF551 boards.  All that remains is for the final testing of the mods and some cleanup of the pcb design.  I will be sending  one proto board to Igor Gramblicka for the mods testing.  I’ll be sending my other proto board to Jonathan Halliday to work on the panel cutout templates.   As soon as I get their feedback  and incorporate it, the mods portion of the project will be done.    At that point I’ll add them to the store for purchase.

The XF551 main board is almost ready for sale.  There is a 1 board limit on the number of boards per person.  This is due to the fact that I only have SIO connectors enough to do 20 boards.  I will offer SIO-less boards later.  The boards will be fully populated, except for the heat sink on the original power supply board and the mounting hardware for the case.

Here’s a nearly final view of the original power supply version:

DSC_1800  DSC_1801



And another look at an early version of the modern power supply version: