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XF551 Small update



Just a small update:  I recieved what I hope is the last prototype boards in yesterday.  On these I’ll be testing the full blown board operation including the alternate osc circuit, front panel mods and the fit and trim of the boards.  I’ve started installing the parts tonight.  Hopefully I’ll have a ready to test board in about three days.   At this point I still am employed, so that has to come first.  🙂

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XF551 Updates



I have to tell you I have been riding on the leftover euphoria of finally getting the XF551 board working for the last couple of weeks.  I know it’s sad.  A thirty something year old piece of equipment kicked my butt for almost two years.  But heck you try to get it working when you have only a draft set of schematics from Atari missing parts info,  a error filled set of schematics from sobra, no Sam’s booklet, a sometime working physical drive unit, and the need to school myself on two different pcb softwares, less than part time time to work on it and all the normal drama of simply living.  Alright…. alright I’ll shut up.  Smile

I have been working on cleaning up the schematics, making it pretty and creating the fully implemented board to test all the mods with.   I send that off to the board house along with the front panel display/switch board hopefully by Monday.  I should have the boards in in about 2 weeks.  A few days to solder the board together and test and cross my fingers I’ll be able to offer the boards for sale.  Just about two full years after I started this crazy idea of a summer project.  Who’da thunk?