MegaSpeedy 1050 Front Bezel 3d File

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These are the MegaSpeedy 1050 Front Bezel 3d printer files that TigerDuck from ABBUC had commissioned.  They seem to be almost a perfect fit.  I did find in my print that the hooks and screw mountings were more fragile than I would have liked.  It is possible that increasing the infill per cent might help.  Otherwise it might help to strength those points with a glue or epoxy.  It is a long print, mine at 25% infill and a minor amount of raft took nearly six hours.  You need at least a 200 x 200 mm build area for it to fit.

These are the .stl files only.  The pictures are of other’s actual printings.  I have TigerDuck’s permission to offer them on my website for dl.

Downloadable Stl File