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New Hardware Coming…….

Over the last few weeks I’ve been putting the finishing touches on several small projects that have been sitting on the sidelines.   I plan to have these projects up for sale by Cyber Monday. One project was started over two years ago, but I kept stalling out on it, or my time got switched to […]

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Misc Info

Today is a mismash of things.  I partnered with mytekcontrols to bring to simi-mass market his creation TK-II Stereo Bundle.  Essentially it is a PS/2 keyboard/Atari 8bit interface with the added feature of a stereo Pokey feature.  With the price of Pokeys rising  to new heights I decided not to include the necessary 2 Pokey […]

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New Hardware, Continuing Work

Well another summer has come and almost gone.  Just have to get through the dog days of August.  🙂 Today I get to announce new hardware for sale.  It’s literally amazing what the Atari 8bit computer was able to do some thirty years ago.  And the ability of some genius  engineers to pull the most […]

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New Release: Atari 8bit Cartridge Slot Breakout PCB

New Atari 8bit development pcb tool is available. Some might find a use.  Others may think it is useless.  I’ll be adding additional development pcbs in the near future so stay tuned.

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Wizztronic 256k Memory Board Cease and Desist request

I have been sent a cease and desist request from a Steve Cohen.  He is claiming he owns the copywrite on the Wizztronics 256k memory upgrade boards for Atari 800XLs and that he has licensed the rights to an unnamed third party.   He is demanding I discontinue offering my reimaged boards for sale immediately. While I […]

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Happy New Year-New SDX cartridge design

Well….. it’s a new year now.  Hopefully a better one than last year.   🙂 I’ve started a short sale of some of my older works.  Unless there is considerable demand I don’t plan to restock once I sell out.  Eventually I’ll post the schematic and board files to reproduce them, but I’ll hold onto them […]

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Two Versions of the Super SpartaDOS cartridges

Starting today in a few minutes you can own a Super SpartaDOS cart for your very own.  There are two versions:  For those who already own the original SpartaDOS cartridge shell check out this version  Super SpartaDOS PCB For those unfortunate  enough not to own the original do not dispare.  Check out this version: Super […]

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Super SpartaDOS Cartridge/PCB is almost here!

I know you’ve been chomping at the bits for this and I hate to keep torturing you with delays.  I want the process and the boards to just work.  So we are taking the time to cross our t’s and dot our i’s so to speak.  I can give you a look at what we […]

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SDX Cart Reimaged update

Great news! The SDXCart reimage project I’ve been working with tf_hh has finally hit a milestone.  And what a milestone.  We have a fully functional prototype now.  Here are some pics: Now the next step is developing an enclosure.  I’m going to be offering the KM-20 shells heavily modified of course.  But I will also […]

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XF551 Mod board update others too

Yes, I know it’s been more than a month since my last update.  Sorry about that.  Life kinda got in the way.  Finances are starting to get a little thin too.  So I am having to spread out the testing, board orders and parts purchases etc.  I am really close now.  I have what I hope […]

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