Reimaged Ramrod XL Adapter

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ICD provided several quality products to the Atari community over the years.  This board was created to allow upto 3 different OSs to be individually selected prior to boot.  They used it to great effect to promote two modified OSs they licensed called OmniViewXL and OmniMonXL.  OmniViewXL is a software-based 80 by 24 character display compatible with several word-processing programs common at the time.  OmniMonXL is a modified version of the original XL operating system giving you an enhanced floating-point subroutine and a resident machine language monitor.

My clone of the board is as faithful as I can make it.  That means it is subject to the same limitations as the original.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2.25 × .75 in

Fits only 800XL/130XE


Board and switch assembly only

Additional Parts

Need 1/2/3 original OS or ICD Roms or programed 27138 Eproms

Install Difficulty

No soldering needed, but will need to do case mod for switch install


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