Diptrace to Itead Gerber Renamer



This Basic program is kind of an all in one thing.  A few years ago when I found Diptrace and then began using it religiously to design and create printed circuit boards I found my favorite board house Itead seemed to be very picky about the labeling of the gerber files you sent them.  Over the years they did loosen up on some of the restriction, but as of today they still seem to require a certain file extension to represent the various gerber layers.  I got tired of renaming every single file to their naming convention and decided to automate it.

After several months of relearning Microsoft Visual Basic and planning, writing and testing I finally was reasonably satisfied that it would do the basics of what I wanted.

1.  It will handle two and four layer boards

2.  It uses the file explorer dialog box to locate the directory where the original Diptrace gerber files are located.

3.  It allows you to rename the filename of the Diptrace gerber files

4.  It allows you to combine all gerber files into one zipped file.

5.  It allows you to rename that zipped file.

6.  It allows you to clear the deck for the next session and/or exit if you chose.

7.  It is relatively bug free, but not guaranteed.  It has been tested to work on both Windows 7 and 10.

8.  It will cough if the expected gerber file is not present in the directory.   So there is some error checking.

It will not make breakfast, make you money or otherwise babysit your children.  I do not claim that it will work flawlessly on your system, nor that it will keep you from making a mistake on your filenames, or schematics, or sending 59 Tomihawk missiles to Syria.  But hey, what do you want for a wooden nickle as my father used to say.  It is free.



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