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Democracy or …….

          In a couple of days or so the United States is going to see whether we still want a democracy or whether it’s become too hard. In the last 30 years or so the party in power does lose in mid Presidential term elections, sometimes only narrowly, sometimes big as the American public gets to choose a different path with their vote.  The difference this time is that all up and down the ballot and even local town elections have 2020 election deniers running and some unopposed.  Despite overwhelming factual indication that there is and was no wide scale voter fraud, these people continue to pump the lie and sow distrust in our institutions and our election integrity. They make it even harder for all legitimate voters to exercise their right to vote with restriction after restriction. And even advocate violence if they don’t get their way.

Their only other favorite rallying cry is cut taxes. But wait if you cut taxes you have to cut services and the bulk of the tax cuts do not find their way into your bank accounts average Joe and Jane ever, under any circumstances, of any useful amount. All that does is strip the federal, state and local government of the ability to protect our waterways, lakes and parks, keep dangerous people off the streets, keep profiteers from taking our natural resources without fair compensation and make sure that everyone is paying their fair share of taxes, feed our poor and reward our senior citizens for decades of hard work so they have a roof over their head and food on the table and clothes on their body when they can no longer provide for themselves . And that’s just a small number of governmental duties. We do not benefit from cutting taxes. But they and their moneyed overlords do.

They hope to gin up enough fear and anger that you will not think twice about handing over the most powerful tool you have as a voter to make changes in who governs us. More and more of them are saying the quiet part out loud, once in power they will do anything necessary to make sure there are no more elections that they lose.  Even if that means falsifying election results or refusing to certify results that don’t go their way. It’s not a democracy when the election always supports the party in power. If that happens we will cease being a democracy and begin the fall into autocracy, fascism or worse.

With the demise of a woman’s right to chose what happens to her own body, all females of any age with the ability to conceive have already been regulated to near slavery to the state’s wishes and in the name of someone else’s religion.   I’m talking about you Oklahoma and all the other states like you.  The hypocrisy of running in an election that you will not accept a loss in is as bad as claiming you are pro-life when you refuse to mandate any necessary expenditure to support that life beyond birth.   When you refuse to concede an election defeat, when you refuse to allow birth control choice, it’s simply about controlling another person for your own benefit.

It may seem to be an ephemeral thing, democracy, hard to pin down. After all commerce still goes on in Russia, people still raise their kids and live their lives in China. Life happens every day everywhere in the world without democracy. Despite all our problems, we have had the power to better our lives by compromise and our vote. And we have, despite what the nay sayers say. When we lose democracy, life becomes much harder to live in part because we lose even more power to control our own lives. Forget about someone else’s. Don’t allow that to slip away from you.

I want to believe we aren’t that stupid, but I fear we maybe. We may see the last free and fair election for some time on Nov 8th 2022.

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