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XF551 Updates



Well,  sorry about the silence.  It’s not that I haven’t been working.  I am finalizing what I hope to be the production models. I will be selecting two people one here in the US and one overseas to do final testing and review. For something this big and expensive I want to make sure I didn’t foul this up. They’ll be able to look at and use the finished product and make recommendations etc. They will also be helping with front panel display designs so they will need to have the ability to draft a cutting template and make quality cosmetic mods to the XF551 top case. Something I am not very good at. I tend to take a blow torch approach. Not very cosmetic I’m afraid.  Laughing

4 thoughts on “XF551 Updates

  1. This looks interesting one question I got will the mmu mod work with Lothareks 1 mb ultimate so that it can be completely solderless? Thanks

    1. You may run into a problem. I know that the latest offering from Lothareks 1mb Ultimate version includes the resistor fix. My adapter board also has this fix for the older version that Candle originally released. The two resister fixes in series could be more resistance than is necessary. My adapter will definitely eliminate the soldering on the MMU socket and chip.

  2. Do you offer any instalation services for those of us that are soldering impaired? if more appropiate I can use PM in the Atariage forum Thanks….

    1. Most of what I offer has very minor soldering needs. I aspire to that, but at this time I am not setup to offer product installation services.

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