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XF551 Update


Decided against doing the OSC and LED test boards.  The OSC mod just allows a 33.333MHZ OSC to be used instead of the Atari specific 8.333MHz.  Igor has already tested his LED mods.  So I sent what I hope to be the final proto board to the board house.  I should get it in sometime next week.

I have to say that using the Diptrace PCB software is such a joy after struggling with Eagle for the last two years or so.  Even the free/trial version is light years ahead of Eagle.  I will never go back.  Maybe it’s because Diptrace acts like a Windows app and Eagle like the DOS based program it is with a Windows 3.1 GUI tacked on.  Sorry about the dig, but I stopped using Windows 3.1 about 20 years ago.   Atari is the only retro I want to do now.  🙂

In the mean time I am sourcing parts and trying to shave as much cost off the board production as I can without losing quality.  Right now it’s looking like the board costs are running around $80.00 for the basic board with $20 more getting you the front panel parts and boards.   Stay tuned.



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