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XF551 Update



[dropcap]O[/dropcap]kay time for an update.  I recieved the modern power supply test board about a week or two ago.  Soldered everything in and it is working with a 24V 1.5 A DC wall plugin.  So that is a big step for the modern version of the XF551.  I am currently about ready to send the alternate osc circuit and the LED test boards to Itead for manufacture.  In about two weeks or so when they come in I can test them and if they pass, that’ll be the final phase before sending the complete modern XF551 board in.


Not so good for the original power supply test board.  I got the test board in yesterday and finished soldering the parts in tonight.  It didn’t blow or let out black smoke but there is no voltage at the drive connector.    I know the Atari transformer is working because I can power a 1050 with it.  So either I wired the DPDT switch wrong or something else in the wiring is wrong.  So it’s back to the schematics to see if I can rewire the test board to see if I can get it to work.


Yipee!  It was in the schematic.  Had the switch wired wrong.  Cut the wrong trace and wired it right.  Success!!!  Now both the modern and original power supplies are working.


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