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Convert Diptrace gerber file extensions for Itead Studio



While waiting for the new boards to arrive I got to playing with an idea I’d had for awhile.  I use the board house Itead Studio and I’d recently changed from using Eagle to Diptrace for my PCB design software.  Well Itead requires a specific file extension for each gerber file.  I was getting tired of manually changing the extension on the gerber files Diptrace creates and occasionally getting the wrong extension on the right file.  Horrors!!

So I decided to dust off my Visual Basic programing skills and create a little program that would do that for me.  Along the way I added the ability to change the filename to a custom filename and added the abiltiy to zip all the files up ready to be sent to Itead.  It will do both 2 layer and 4 layer boards.   I have tested it on Windows 7 64bit.  But it should work on Windows XP 32bit on up.  It does require Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 installed.  Sorry……

Here’s the link for .Net Framework 4.5.  Download the setup file and install.  You will need to be connected to the internet.  Then go ahead and download my program Diptrace2Itead and unzip.  Run the setup.exe.

It’s a simple little program.  No documentation to speak of.  It sticks the zip file in the project directory by default.  I’m sure someone will discover a bug.  🙂  I may upgrade features later,  but for right now it does what I need and I don’t need anything else for it to do.

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